Your front cover exclusive

The first thing everyone will see when they grab a copy of your issue of Dapper & Bride. It includes your headlines, by-lines and a special hidden personalised detail.

Editors Note

Your personal welcome for your guests picking up your magazine for the first time!

Contents Page

Compiled by Love Keewi, based on your completed content, but of course you can add your own!

Wedding Day Agenda

A creative comprehensive list of the day’s events, where guests can stay up to date on the action from the nuptials to the first dance, it can all be found here.

Order of Service/Ceremony

Guests have a step-by-step account of what to expect throughout the ceremony. 

Gallery of Pictures

Showcase some of your favourite photos in a Polaroid style display!

Venue and Location

For guests that may be staying in the area or hotels as a part of the wedding celebration

Exclusive Cover Story

Share your love story as the exclusive couple everyone wants to read about!

Food Menu

The question of the day... What’s for dinner? Share your food menu and give guests further time to contemplate the tasty options in the day ahead.

Personal Messages

Include loving messages from your bridal party or close family and friends

Date Timeline

Share your memorable and significant dates

Honeymoon Dreaming

Be the subject of everyone’s chatter by sharing your honeymoon destination!

Puzzle and Cartoons

Add some laughs and puzzles... See if your readers have been paying attention.