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Kysha 'Keewi' Buffong  

A name by any other name... Well, I guess it's still a fruit.

A name inspired by a school trip on a NY subway I’m told... As a kid, a very cockney family friend and everyone in their very cockney household, called me KEEWI: 30 plus years and a tattoo later the name still lives. #LoveIt



Do What You Love!

Hours by the table writing stories, drawing Bart Simpson over and over again, glued to Neil Buchanan on Art Attack - but yes, that child, who has evolved into that adult; by a laptop or PC all day... Even in travel. School book margins all the same width, neatly covered – no graffiti or creases – it was all about the work’s appearance! Amazing actually, how design and presentation can be a life’s passion, even as a child.


2000's - 2010's

#LoveDesign #LoveTravel #LoveLife

What We Do - An Online Service

Specialising in print, Love Keewi offers creative designs for weddings, funerals and corporate events.

Priding ourselves with a stress free design, print and delivery service, Love Keewi's services include full gloss magazines, business stationery and creative pieces for musicians and artists.

In the last several years LK has produced prints for funeral services – working directly with families as well as funeral directors, developing relationships with clients across London and overseas.

During this time LK have consulted and produced works for events and planners, funded projects and private functions.


2017 + UPWARDS

Where We'll Be

Wedding Shows & Events

You can catch Love Keewi at wedding shows and fesivals around London. We'll be updating our online present across wedding platforms and blogs throughout 2018.
Notifications are usually displayed on the home page of our website.


2018 + UPWARDS

The Future's Orange


2018 Love Keewi will be launching the first part of their Dapper & Bride Wedding Collection, first showcased at Autumn 2017's National Wedding Show. Our D&B Thank You Cards will be in the new shop too! Also, this summer will see the Keewi Kids Print Collection made available for purchase and download.




And Couldn't Do Without

In no particular order... The Black Panther movie trailer, Frasier, Dave Chapelle and Game of Thrones. Travelling, exploring different cultures, Montserrat, my island and my family. Laughter, The Man Upstairs, good cake and hot puddings with custard. Books, books and more books. Music – from Chronixx and Dre Island, Simply Red and Kings of Leon to Beres Hammond, Dave Hollister and George Michael. The sea. Hot days and beaches, Adidas and Strawberry Ribena.


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